Bosnia overflows with wild beauty. One unique way to see and experience this beauty is rafting on the rapids of the Tara River. Take in the 20 rapids and multiple waterfalls along the way.
You will bond with old friends or make new ones as you work together with your trained guide to navigate the ever-changing river. This river experience provides a high-energy outing that is also safe because of your guide’s training and certification.
Due to snow melt and Spring rains, the rapids are usually more demanding in April and May with class IV rapids while during the summer months it becomes a bit more subdued with a level III+ ranking.
After your 18 km rafting experience, you can peal off your wetsuit and grab a hearty national meal provided with local source ingredients. We encourage you to enjoy your meal time with friends Montenegrin style–slowly to savor each moment.


The Tara River Canyon or Tara River Gorge is often hailed as the deepest canyon in Europe and the second deepest in the world behind (or just above) the Grand Canyon. More than 80 km long, the river provides some excellent spots for whitewater rafting. As a result, rafting Tara is a great whitewater adventure for the die-hard rafting enthusiast, adventurous free spirits, or a group of friends or family looking to have a memorable, bonding experience.
Tara River has a degree of difficulty that varies with the calendar and weather. Depending on the amount of snow in the winter and the time when it begins melting, the river levels and swift water rises. In April and May, the Tara River in Montenegro often has class IV rapids while in the summer and Fall months it is usually class III+ rapids.


In spite of these waters plunging over rocks, the water is still pristine. Tara River is clear and beautiful. It makes for great photography and video as well as providing a source of cold, potable drinking water all along the way. Because of its natural beauty and call for adventure, Tara fits with the rest of the Durmitor National Park surrounding it.
We went out with campers on a raft, hydrospeeders, and a kayak. If you have rafted and haven’t tried a hydrospeeder yet, you may want to get more into the rapids on one of these boards. It takes the intensity up another notch.
We made our way down 18 km of rapids and some calmer spots. Along the way we took in water falls and found swimming holes and jumping off spots along the way. Some of the more challenging rapids on this run include: Borovi, Varda, Celije, and the Vjernovica Buk rapids.
In addition to the normal vacation months, the rafting season continues well into the Fall months as late as October depending on weather. Rafting as early as April and May is also doable most years, but these conditions are for the more trained or more daring whitewater adventurers


• 18 km of rafting with 20 rapids and waterfalls along the way – 48.6 euros per person
• Coaching by licensed guide who navigates the raft downriver
• Sterile wetsuit and boots
• Transport to launch point and return to base camp
• Hearty meal riverside after the rafting adventure with organic traditional foods
• Swimming and photography in the cold, cold Tara River is possible
Rafters should bring a swimsuit, dry change of clothes, and a towel. Also note that anything that goes with you downriver has a high possibility of being lost.

GPS Coordinates
Tara River Canyon 43° 12′ 32.4″ N, 19° 4′ 39.72″ E
The canyon is around 1,300 meters (4,300 feet) deep
The park's right and left sides from the point of Crna Poda near the town of Mojkovac belong to the Municipality of Pljevlja. The canyon stretches from near Bistrica in Montenegro to Hum in Bosnia and Herzegovina, over 82 kilometers (51 miles). The last 36 kilometers form the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The canyon is around 1,300 meters (4,300 feet) deep. Tara River Canyon is one of the deepest river canyons in Europe.
1-3 days
The canyon is part of the Tara River rafting route. The one-day rafting route runs from Brstnovica to Sćepan Polje. It is 18 kilometres (11 mi) miles long. This part of the canyon has the steepest drop in elevation. It includes 21 out of 50 rapids in that part of the Tara. The rapids are Brstanovići, Pećine, Celije and Vjernovički. The longer rafting route covers 100 kilometres (62 mi). The route begins with the waterfalls of Ljutica and passes under the 541 feet high monumental bridge. Next is the old Roman road and the Lever Tara. "Funjički Bukovi" and "Bijele Ploče" rapids are followed by "Nisovo Vrelo", the deepest part of the canyon. Further is the bottom of Curevac mountain that reaches 1,650 metres (5,410 ft).
8 people
Usually, it is the question of those who are trying to squeeze as much as people as they can. Anyway, this isn’t the problem, since we’re always following all of the most important safety rafting rules.The main answer is that inflatable rafts for whitewater rafting can fit 4 - 8 people. Depending of the activity you’re looking for.
As per the International Scale of River Difficulty, below are the six grades of difficulty in white water rafting. They range from simple to very dangerous and potential death or serious injuries. The lowest one is grade 1 (Very small rough areas, might require slight maneuvering) and the highes tone is grade 6 (Class 6 rapids are considered to be so dangerous that they are effectively unnavigable on a reliably safe basis).
Experience the best Rafting Tara in Bosnia. Adrenaline, BBQ, relax & fun! See the beautiful scenery of the Tara river, as it carved through a deep rock valley.
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