Rafting is not an adventure that can be taken for granted, especially on Tara River, which is recognized as one of the best in the world for rafting alongside to Colorado or Zambezi rivers. In May 2009, Tara River hosted the World Rafting Championship, which suggests the capacity of our local beauty.

For those who want to experience all aforesaid, we have prepared different packages, and every trip is at first place safe and accommodating your personal needs, particularly for adventurists who seek a rafting adventure for the first time.

We use rubber rafting boats made specifically for white water. These are high quality boats with an 8-10 person capacity, operated by our experienced and licensed skippers.
All our skippers have passed many trainings and are IRF (International Rafting Federation) certified. They have had countless rafting tours Tara river and know every rock and rapid. For our skippers, rafting is at first place a pleasure and way of life, and after is a job.

Rafting Tara never lasts the same amount of time, and depends on the time period and month, as well as the level, speed, and part of the river being traveled. It is also dependent on the people on the boat, because every rafter is an active participant in this sport; together with skipper, paddles and contributes to the complete journey…

Whitewater rafting is truly an exciting adventure that is often considered a once in a lifetime , an activity that anyone can join.

During the summer tourist season, the water temperature is 11-12 °C. Neoprene suits and raft boots in order to protect and keep you warm. We also use helmets and quality life jackets, fully preparing you to stream down the river and her “foamy and boiling rapids”.

Each and every rafting tour on Tara River is not the same. For example, the most attractive part of the river, which is approximately 20 kilometers long, from Camp Encijan to Scepan Polje, in April and May lasts 30-45 minutes and in July and August lasts 3-4 hours.

If you are coming for first time, we recommend that you come in the summertime, between the beginning of June until August, when the level of water is optimal for safe rafting, but also for the adrenaline pleasure of going through “foamy and boiling rapids”.